Chimp brutally beaten to death by first apes she met after being raised by vet

A human-raised chimpanzee has been killed by other primates after being placed in a sanctuary.

Baran lasted just a couple months into her introduction with other chimpanzees before they beat her to death.

The savage attack came after the four-year-old who had only ever known human contact in a Zoo, broke a lock which isolated her from chimps she was yet to socialise with, MailOnline reports.

Eram Park Zoo in Tehran, Iran became Baran's home after her mother rejected her because she was born prematurely and required additional care.

Earlier this year a decision was made to transfer Baran over 4,000 miles to Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Laikipia, Kenya as experts saw living with her own species to be fundamental to her health.

Following a successful 90-day quarantine Baran had transitioned to the second phase of her sanctuary introduction in which she could remotely contact other chimpanzees.

Sadly however curiosity appears to have got the better of the young ape who broke free from her enclosure and into an area belonging to the family she had been introduced to remotely.

The chimps did not take kindly to her intrusion and by the time zookeepers burst in on the brutal beating, Baran had been left so badly injured that she was beyond saving.

Baran's social interaction prior to her move to Kenya had been limited to that with Emram Park Zoo vet Iman Memarian who hand fed her as she grew.

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A later attempt to reunite Baran with her mum and family fell flat but zookeepers remained keen to integrate her safely with other chimpanzees.

Research into somewhere that would help her physical and emotional development to specialists in Kenya who boast extensive experience in reintroducing chimps into family groups.

A spokesperson for Eram Zoo said: "Chimpanzees are social creatures who must live in their social groups to acquire the necessary skills for a healthy and natural social life."

Parviz Ghandali, zoo director, said at the time: "Although Eram Zoo was able to save Baran, it was decided that she needs to be transferred to the international chimpanzee care centre in Kenya because she can live better with necessary facilities and environment."

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