Chilling last words from unconscious death row inmate during botched execution

When a death row inmate is executed by lethal injection the process is meant to be dignified, quick and painless.

But for Clayton Lockett, who was slaughtered in Oklahoma in 2014, that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The 38-year-old wriggled in agonising pain after waking up from his drug-induced slumber just three minutes after he was declared unconscious.

He thrashed on the chair, groaning and struggling as onlookers watched in horror.

As he squirmed he was reportedly heard saying "Oh, man.. I'm not…" with others claiming he chillingly said, "something's wrong" as he tried to rise from the table.

Clayton's stepmother, LaDonna Hollins, was forced to watch the excruciatingly long process after being assured beforehand it wouldn’t cause “horrible pain”.

Potassium chloride, which was being used in an attempt to stop his heart beating, causes an unbearable agony if it’s used on a conscious body.

In fact, without a sedative it is considered too cruel to be used on animals.

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Whilst he squirmed in aching torment, his lawyer claimed it was like “watching a torture”.

Doctors frantically searched for veins to pump drugs into his body and one medic tried – and failed – three times to find his jugular artery.

Others unsuccessfully tried to inject his collar bone, whilst another two attempts to find a vein in his left foot didn’t work either.

Is the death penalty barbaric and out of date? Share your opinion and see what others think in the comments below.

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The executioners eventually put a halt to Clayton’s hellish experience and stopped the process – a painstaking 33 minutes into the ordeal.

But ten minutes after they ended the grim euthanasia, his shocked body suffered from a massive heart attack and he finally died.

All 19 inmates who had been put to death via lethal injection at the prison before had died in under 12 minutes, without suffering extreme pain.

But Clayton was left to struggle violently as the evil drugs wreaked havoc with his body whilst he was awake.

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The prisoner, who had been convicted for the brutal rape, murder, and kidnap of 19-year-old high school graduate Stephanie Neiman in 1999, had endured one of the worst final moments possible.

In the years that followed the bloody last minutes of Clayton, the world rallied together in disgust.

The White House admitted the execution "fell short of humane standards” whilst President Barack Obama slammed the case as "deeply disturbing".

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Human rights boffins labelled the “grisly” case as an evil “science experiment” and said the "botched execution was nothing less than state-sanctioned torture".

A further look into Clayton’s death found a huge reason for his unimaginably painful last moments was a shortage of sodium thiopental, a drug used by American death rows to numb the pain of the heart stopping.

Due to the supply issues, the Oklahoma executioners used a new drug, midazolam, to knock him out.

Although Florida had used the same drugs in an execution the year before, they had used 500 mg – rather than the tiny 100 mg used on Clayton.

The barbaric events put pressure on America to cut back its use of the death penalty, and even the UK condemned the superpower.

Seven years on from the spine-chilling execution, Clayton’s horrifying death still stands out as one of the most botched executions ever to take place in the United States.

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