Cheeky hot tub prank backfires as naked bloke caught in nude on CCTV

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A bloke's cheeky hot tub prank has backfired after he was caught naked on camera by CCTV.

Luke Holliday, from Hyndburn, Lancashire had popped out with his girlfriend and kids only to receive a picture sent to him of a man naked in his hot tub.

On further inspection of the photograph, Luke knew exactly who the unwanted visitor was and began plotting his revenge, Lancs Live reports.

He knew the man in his hot tub was Jerry, the boyfriend of Luke's girlfriend's mum, Bev.

Jerry and Bev had sent the picture to Luke whilst he was out and told him they were there to drop something off for him.

Without realising they were being filmed on the house's CCTV, the pair left thinking their prank had gone smoothly, but Luke had already planned his retaliation.

A day after the prank, Luke posted the pictures taken from his cameras in a local Facebook group as a joke saying: "Anybody recognise these was in my hot tub whilst I was out today."

The post soon went viral and Luke admitted that he was "shocked" to receive over two hundred comments and almost a thousand likes and shares.

“It’s brilliant,” Luke said. "We all find it hilarious but were shocked it has got this much attention though."

Jerry commented on the post saying: "I was just trying it out. No point stealing it if I didn’t like it."

Members of the Facebook group were quick to comment on the hilarity of the situation.

One person commented: "What a proper weird thing to do," before adding two laughing faces.

Another person quipped: "Bare cheek of it. A third person added: "Looks a bit like my nana that lady."

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