Catastrophic attack on US ‘could kill 300m’ and is ‘imminent’, expert warns

Up to 300million Americans could die from a catastrophic attack that's likelier than you may think, a leading expert has claimed.

Financier David Tice warns a nationwide shutdown of America's power grid could eventually lead to the death of 90% of the population.

He says he’s seen evidence that “Russia and China are working together and they plan on undermining the United States”.

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A decisive attack on America’s power infrastructure – whether through hacking, targeted terrorist attacks, or the detonation of an electromagnetic pulse device [EMP] – could cripple it for several months.

David told podcaster Shaun Ryan: “If we truly have an outage that is nationwide, that lasts nine months [the commission estimates] that as many as 90% of Americans would die…so it's like 300 million people wiped off the map just like that”.

“if our power grid goes down, it really becomes almost a zombie apocalypse.”

He said that one or two transformers could be replaced “in a month or so”.

But if the likes of China destroyed them all “it would be chaos… it would be extreme chaos”.

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David added that while there are precautions that could be taken to make the US power grid more robust, they involve expensive upgrades.

So powerful lobby groups are working hard to make sure the US government doesn’t make them compulsory.

He continued: "This can be fixed there is technology that can prevent this … we just need to we need a better regulatory system."

It’s not just a theoretical problem. In 2013, a team of gunmen attacked a Pacific Gas and Electric substation in Coyote, California.

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They caused more than $15 million worth of equipment damage, but the attackers were never traced.

Navy SEAL investigators said the attack looked like a "professional job", and Jon Wellinghoff from the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission called it "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred”.

A dedicated EMP Commission was established by the US government to assess the country’s vulnerability to attacks on the power grid.

Discussing the threat, interviewer Ryan pointed out that at least 300 of America’s huge, building-sized transformers were manufactured in China.

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With an invasion of Taiwan expected in the next few years, a sudden attack on the US power grid could be the perfect way to paralyse Taiwan’s biggest ally.

“All they need to do is take out nine transformers,” Ryan said.

“China could just send in a couple of operatives to take out nine substations and kill our power grid right before they hit Taiwan”.

David agreed, saying: “I think it is so imminent as China has plans to go after Taiwan and they will do it before the end of the [Biden] administration so that's only a year and a half away … it's coming.

"We've already seen Putin make his move under the Biden Administration, and these two [Russia and China] are working together."

The conflict will be decisive, he warned, adding: “An aircraft carrier will be taken out, and then it’s World War Three”.

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