Cat finds soulmate after owner adopted second feline from animal rescue centre

A cute cat has found her soulmate and become inseparable from each other after his owner rescued a second feline.

Reddit user amireallythelast shared the adorable clip showing the two Siamese cats – Puffin and Binx – hugging each other on a sofa.

They explained in the post: "We adopted a second cat from a hoarding situation. It turns out he was my cat’s soulmate.

"The two of them have been inseparable since he arrived."

Puffin, the female cat with stripes across the body and face, loves to cradle her new friend Binx, who has a white coat and brown face.

In the clip, Binx raises his front legs as if to welcome Puffer to lean onto his chest.

They are often seen sleeping next to each other and snuggling up in on a mat.

The clip has melted viewers hearts and some said animals rescued from hoarder situations almost always thrive with other animals around.

One viewer explained: "They usually have not had enough human socialisation, but a lot of animal socialisation.

"I have worked with few foster dogs from hoarder situations, and I made sure they went to houses with other dogs because they would all get terrible separation anxiety otherwise."

The owner replied in a comment that the adopted cat, Binx, took a longer to warm up to the humans but immediately gravitated to Puffer for snuggles and comfort.

Another said the pair are so in love and would make a great couple.

Despite Puffer is a female and Binx is a male, they are both neutered so the owner confirmed that they won't be getting kittens.

"But they sure would make some cute babies," she added.

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