Casinos, beauty salons and bowling alleys reopen their doors as lockdown eased

It is finally time to slip back in to your ice skates, pull on your bowling gloves, and get ready for a deep clean facial – as leisure and beauty facilities have finally been given the green light to reopen their doors.

Bowling alleys, ice rinks, beauty salons, casinos, comedy clubs and theatres are among the businesses that have been able to reopen on Saturday following months of coronavirus related lockdown.

Restrictions lifted from other businesses including music venues and soft play areas mean families and those looking for escapism will have more options as lockdown measures in the UK ease further since first being implemented back in March.

While those wanting to tie-the-knot will now be able to have up to 30 guests watch them swap vows from this weekend.

While many beauty and personal care treatments like hairdressers, nail salons and pedicures have been available since last month, close contact treatments like eyebrow threading and facials have had restrictions in place until today.

In line with earlier safety guide lines, face coverings will be required in indoor leisure facilities such as casinos, ice rinks, bowling alleys, indoor play areas, exhibition halls and conference centres.

The businesses have been forced to keep their doors closed longer than others – as pubs and restaurants were able to reopen last month, while other businesses were allowed to reopen on 1 August.

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But the government pressed the breaks on further lockdown easing at the start of the month as local lockdowns were introduced following a spike in coronavirus cases increases.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had defended the decision not to allow the likes of ice rinks and casinos to reopen.

He said at the end of July: "With those (case) numbers creeping up, our assessment is that we should now squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control.

"We must keep our focus and we can't be complacent."

Some areas of the UK – including Aberdeen and Greater Manchester – have seen lockdown measures reintroduced following spikes in the number of COVID-19 tests returning positive.

While increasing positive test results in much of Europe have led to air bridges between the UK and other countries to be revoked, causing havoc for Brits holidaying abroad.

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