Canadian brewery apologises for unwittingly naming beer after Maori word for pubic hair

A Canadian brewery has apologised after unwittingly naming one of its beers after the Maori word for pubic hair.

The Hell’s Basement brewery in Alberta, western Canada, used the Maori word “huruhuru” to name its “New Zealand hopped pale ale”.

Meanwhile, a leather store in New Zealand’s capital Wellington has also apologised for naming its store after the Maori word.

TV personality Te Hamua Nikora, a member of the Maori community in New Zealand, had criticised the companies for using the word.

He said on Facebook: “Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation.”

Mr Nikora went on to explain that most Maori use the word “huruhuru” as a reference to pubic hair.

He added that he contacted both the store and the brewery to inform them of their mistake.

Mr Nikora said: “If you are selling leather, call it leather, don’t call it pubic hair unless you are selling pubic hair.

“Don’t call beer pubic hair unless you make it with pubic hair.”

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