Brits to bask in 30C temperatures hotter than Bermuda in ‘Mediterranean melt’

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Britain will be hotter than ­Bermuda tomorrow – just in time for the end of the summer holidays.

Temperatures will hit 30C after a ­900-mile wide “Mediterranean melt” ­weather front moves across the UK.

And businesses fear staff will throw sickies to enjoy the sunshine.

Ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond, of weathertrending, said: “A bulge of very warm air wafting up from the continent is surging close to 30C – the warmest air since July.”

It will be 29C on Wednesday, September 7 – a degree hotter than the sunshine holiday island off the eastern US.

Ironically Hurricane Ida – which has devastated America’s southern states – is partly to thank for the UK’s unseasonably warm weather.

Alex Deakin, from the Met Office, said: “Remnants of Hurricane Ida are drawing up warmth.”

It has helped pump hot air from France’s south coast to the north, forcing temperatures to rise.

The Indian summer comes as nine million youngsters return to school.

Now company bosses are bracing themselves for a blitz of sickies as workers soaked by downpours on staycations in late July and August try to sneak to the beach.

The Federation of Small Businesses said: “Employees’ days off in hot weather can be a big problem.”

Around 70% of workers are tempted to call in sick in the heat, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development research showed.

Britain will see its highest temperatures for six weeks over the next 48 hours.

The brief hot spell will end with a bang late on Wednesday when thunderstorms move in, causing temperatures to ease to 23C on Thursday, September 9.

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But sunny skies are set to return.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “Thunderstorms are likely from Wednesday as it cools off.

“But there is an increasing signal for higher pressure to return from Sunday into next week.’’

Another Met Office forecaster said: “It is likely to be unsettled with rainfall expected to be slightly above average to late September.”

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