Brits need to fully relax and have fun four times a month, new study finds

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The typical adult needs to let their hair down four times a month – but almost a quarter can’t remember the last time they did so.

A study of 2,000 people found two in five admitted it has been more difficult to regularly socialise with friends the older they have got.

And a fifth struggle to take time out of their busy lives to have fun.

As a result, the average adult believes it has been three weeks since they last truly relaxed.

The research, commissioned by Butlin’s, also found almost half of those polled said letting their hair down is a way of escaping from everyday life.

The top ways people let go and have fun include listening to music, dining out and having a weekend away.

A shopping spree, going to a concert and watching live sports are other ways adults like to embrace a bit of freedom.

Doing so leaves people feeling happy (56%), refreshed (45%) and free (38%).

Butlin’s commissioned the study to highlight its "Live Music Weekends", where people can have a get together with friends for music, dancing and pool parties.

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Mike Godolphin, entertainment director at Butlin’s, said: “The research shows how impactful escaping the everyday and letting your hair down can be on people’s overall moods.

“Especially after the past year or so, it’s more exciting than ever to reunite with friends for fun and nostalgic partying.

“If you need a night with friends, dancing to throwback music, our Live Music Weekends are back, and guests are already enjoying time away from busy everyday life.

“It’s also the chance to celebrate things we’ve not been able to get involved with since the pandemic, such as live music and reuniting with friends from all around the country.”

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The study also found other popular ways Brits let their hair down include going to a nightclub, reliving old memories and getting dressed up.

And 24 was found to be the peak age for having fun, while 46% of those polled admitted they miss feeling young and free.

Barriers to regularly letting their hair down included working hours (32%), life admin such as food shopping (31%) and having children (25%.

But on average, adults have three upcoming plans including going out for food (27%), a weekend away (25%) and a visit to a bar (18%).

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It also emerged three quarters agreed it’s important to their overall mood to have things to look forward to.

And the ideal reunion with friends involves reliving old memories (26%), visiting another city (19%) and having a night away (16%).

More than half of those polled, via OnePoll, said a weekend away allows them to escape the everyday rather just taking a few hours out.

While 52% agreed adults deserve time off to have fun.

On average, people believe they need four consecutive days off from their everyday routine to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Mike Godolphin added: “Listening to music was found to be the top way Brits let their hair down. We’re hoping our Live Music Weekends will give people lots of choice to have fun no matter what genre is their favourite.

“Our new 2022 breaks offer a range of breaks such as Replay Weekender with Professor Green and Heather Small headlining.

“With over 20 genres to choose from there’s hopefully something for everyone to enjoy a reunion with friends.”

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  1. Listen to music

  2. Go out for food

  3. Go on a weekend away

  4. Eat comfort food

  5. Celebrate a birthday

  6. Go to a bar

  7. Go on a shopping spree

  8. Play ‘throwback’ music

  9. Sing out loud

  10. Take time off from work

  11. Go to a concert

  12. Relive old memories

  13. Go for a drive

  14. Watch live sport

  15. Exercise / play sport

  16. Sunbathe

  17. Get dressed up

  18. Play video games

  19. Dance and sing in my own room

  20. Make/drink cocktails

  21. Go swimming

  22. Go to a spa

  23. Go to a music festival

  24. Go somewhere to dance

  25. Play cards

  26. Go camping

  27. Go to a nightclub

  28. Avoid going on their phone

  29. Go on a date

  30. Play party games e.g. charades, ring of fire etc

  • Fire
  • Holidays
  • Pubs
  • Family

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