Brits braced for more weather misery as forecast predicts snow blitz next week

Forecasters have warned a "wintry blast" is heading towards the UK from Iceland – increasing the chances of snowfall with temperatures set to plunge.

The Met Office has urged Brits to brace themselves with gusts of -8C winds expected to hit the UK from this weekend.

Brits should prepare for "more changeable weather conditions" over the next five days, according to the long-range forecast.

The freezing Icelandic air is set to cause temperatures to plummet in many parts of the UK, with temperatures as low as -7C predicted for Scotland next week.

Forecasters have since advised Brits to "dig out their winter coats" in the wake of Storms Eunice and Franklin, reports The Sun.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Frank Saunders, said: “A cold front, followed by cold arctic Canadian air, has now pushed south across the country and has brought a spell of windy, showery and cold weather.

"Winds pick up again as we head into the weekend with weather fronts bringing rain to the north and west and milder air spreads back in here.”

Forecasters have predicted that wind and gales are expected for the far northwest as well as wintry showers – leaving Scotland to try and cope with freezing temperatures.

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Met Office chief meteorologist Andy Page commented: "As Storm Franklin clears the UK and pushes into the near continent this afternoon the windy conditions will gradually ease and showers become fewer, leaving some dry, sunny weather for many."

On Monday and Tuesday, the weather is believed to be more settled, although there is a possibility of rain in the south and west – with temperatures averaging to around 8-11C.

The Met Office forecast added: “After a spell of rain for all on Monday, it looks like a high-pressure system will settle across the UK and dominate our weather from Tuesday.

"This means it will be less windy and less changeable, although clear skies at night could potentially give us some frosty starts.”

Wednesday is expected to see clouds and rain which will continue into the next day, with the band of rain predicted to pass over to the east with hopes of it being replaced by fine weather.

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