Britons face varied temperatures as places expecting -9C with others 1

UK weather: Temperatures to ‘tumble below freezing’

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On Tuesday, eastern England will face a cold start to the day with temperatures at -9,5C in Santon Downham, Norfolk just before 8am. Monday night and early Tuesday morning were also the coldest January in more than 30 years, since temperatures of -9.1C were recorded in 1987, and overall East Anglia’s coldest night in over ten years. 

However, Scotland will face a warmer Tuesday as temperatures are expected to be around 12C or 13C for Aberdeenshire. 

The variation in the north and south of Britain is being caused by different air masses, and a change in the change in wind direction means Scotland is facing milder weather. 

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has extended its cold weather alert and is urging people to keep warm and also check on vulnerable family and friends. 

Dr Agostinho Sousa, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at UKHSA, has said the cold can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and chest infections in those with pre-existing health conditions. 

He said: ”If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over the age of 65, it is important to try and heat your home to at least 18C if you can.”


Craig Snell from the Met Office said: “We’ve got rather cloudy, damp but mild weather across Northern Ireland, Scotland and far north-west areas of England on Tuesday. 

“Temperatures could get up to 12C or 13C across Aberdeenshire way.

“Farther south across the rest of England and Wales, we’re still under the colder conditions, so there could be some fog again which will be quite slow to clear, so a very similar start to Monday.

“When there is cloud, it’s going to feel pretty cold. But in the sunshine, although it will be cold, the sun will help negate the cold a little bit, so all in all a pretty similar day to Monday.”

On Monday, fog caused travelling chaos as Heathrow Airport cancelled 15 percent of its flights due to the weather, which affected nearly 12, 000 passengers.

British Airways also cancelled around 80 flights due to low visibility.

England and Wales will continue to experience foggy weather on Tuesday morning, and those in western England will have a rainy start to the day as well.

All of Britain will experience mostly cloudy weather as well, but conditions are expected to be milder Friday as the fog begins to clear.

However, it is expected that Britain will enter February with wetter and windier weather.

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Meanwhile, the Environmental Agency has put 34 flood warnings in place around England, warning that flooding will be expected.

The agency has assured they are closely monitoring the situation, but some areas are advised to “start acting on your flood plan if you have one” and check pumps as well as other flood protection equipment.

In London, the capital has been issued a high pollution alert by Mayor Sadiq Khan who has warned Londoners “to be careful over the next few days.”

He said: “We all need to be careful over the next few days. I’m urging Londoners to look after each other by choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport where possible, avoiding unnecessary car journeys, stopping engine idling and not burning garden waste, all of which contributes to high levels of pollution.

“This is particularly important in order to protect those who are more vulnerable to high pollution.”

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