British woman found dead in Cyprus covered head to toe with bruises

A British woman has been found dead at home in Cyprus with “bruises all over her body”. The discovery was made in an apartment in the Kato Paphos neighbourhood on the west of the island.

The 38-year-old is reported to have shared the property with a partner who alerted authorities to her death on Wednesday afternoon.

Police in Cyprus are looking into the cause of death with forensic specialists at the scene.

Initial reports describe the woman as having widespread bruising.

She is also described has being left with a pair of black eyes.

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The woman’s remains have been moved to the Nicosia general hospital morgue.

An autopsy was due performed at 1.30pm on Thursday (June 8), reports the Mail.

Investigators are awaiting the results, hoping to gain an understanding of how the woman died.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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