Britain to see 33C later this month as summer returns with temperatures spiking

Britain is set to see 33C later this month as summer returns with temperatures spiking.

According to new weather maps, the mercury will begin to spike from next week, as August 16 will see highs of 26C inland.

This could increase to 28C by the following weekend, with August 20 seeing the hottest weather, as London, Kent, Hampshire and Sussex will burn with 33C.

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Further readings suggest that the scorching temperatures will stick around until at least the end of the day, with high humidity prevalent throughout the last week of August, with temperatures slipping slightly, but remaining in the high 20s.

This intense heat will be as a result of a blistering surge from Spain, France and North Africa.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist for British Weather Services, told the Daily Express: "We’re in the world of the ‘new abnormal’ now and we are still in August so anything is possible. The charts are indeed onside.

"There are long ways to go to August 20, but hot plumes coming over from North Africa, Spain and France are more likely than not now given what July delivered. Pencil it in as a distinct possibility."

From Friday (August 11) up until August 20, the Met Office's long-range forecast suggests a warmer period, but not the highs of 33C.

It says: "High pressure will sit to the east of the UK bringing dry and fine conditions to the southeast and allow low pressure systems bringing cloud and rain into the northwest.

"Some low cloud and coastal mist are also possible in the south at times. Winds are likely to be light for most, though stronger in the north. Temperatures will near to or slightly above average."

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