Brit teen mauled by crocodile says she ‘went into overdrive’ to fight beast off

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A British teen who was attacked by a hungry crocodile on holiday has said her brain "went intro overdrive" during the horrific attack.

Amelie Osborn-Smith, 18, diced with certain death when she was set upon by the 10 foot creature during a white water rafting trip in the Zambezi River last Tuesday.

The adventurous girl went for a dip after being told it was safe to swim in a "quiet" stretch of water near the Victoria Falls by her tour guides, who were taking a break for lunch.

But as she swam back, the croc bit her on the leg and tried to drag her underwater, before spinning her around in an infamous 'death roll'.

Her friends then leapt in to rescue her by punching the animal and rushing her back to the raft.

Amelie — who says she has been left suffering "continuous flashbacks and terrible dreams" since the incident — has now bravely shared her story in a video posted on the Medland Hospital Facebook page.

She described how she dealt with the terrifying ordeal in her head, saying:

"Your brain goes into overdrive."

"You don't really think in that situation, people say you see your life flash before your eyes, but you don't, you just think how do I get out of this situation"

Doctors managed to save her leg after it was initially feared that it would have to be amputated.

Her lower leg was seriously cut, while her hip was dislocated and her "right foot was left hanging loose".

According to her ex-Army major dad Brent speaking to The Sun, Amelie surprised witnesses by not shedding a single tear during to the attack or the painful first aid afterwards, which saw her friends try desperately to stem her blood loss.

And the teen is continuing her brave stance by refusing to let the nightmare put her off future travel, saying in reflection:

"I was very lucky, but I've seen that your life can be over so quickly. If you're going to live thinking you'll regret anything, you won't have a fulfilled life.

"Do it while you can. Don't let one incident hold you back."

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