Brit dogs desperately need a holiday to stop them getting depressed

Nearly all dogs aren’t getting enough mental stimulation and desperately need a holiday as much as we do, a doggie expert has warned.

Dog behaviourist Leon Towers urged folk to take their pups on a staycation this summer as they’ll relax and enjoy life more alongside you as you relax.

He said sensory enrichment is key to their happiness and improves their overall wellbeing, adding: "99 out of 100 of our dogs aren’t getting enough mental stimulation.

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"If your dog is sleeping all day, the likelihood is, they are depressed. I’m a strong advocate for taking your dog on holiday.

"Breaking free from everyday routines and immersing dogs in stimulating environments with new sights and smells offers essential sensory enrichment."

According to Towers, the top holiday activity for dogs is swimming and the beach is also great for our pooches which will benefit from walking on sand and through salt water, as they absorb nutrients through the pads on their paws.

He said: "Swimming provides the well-being dose your dog needs. Not only does it engage their entire brain, but dog-friendly beaches offer the ultimate vacation experience for your furry companion.

"Just imagine the new smells, textures, and activities they’ll encounter. And the best part? The whole family can join in."

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Our furry friends tend to be 50% more active during beach-side holidays than their activity levels at home, according to the expert.

And not only does taking our dogs on holiday result in a significant mental and sensory stimulation boost, it also helps them relax.

Towers said that when owners relax during the holiday, it has a calming effect on their dogs as well.

He added: "This mirroring of relaxation reduces anxiety levels, decreases chewing and barking tendencies, and promotes an overall deeper sleep for the dogs."

Sarah Chapman, of Haven Holidays, said: "It’s a no-brainer to bring your dogs on holiday and let them share in the happiness of sand between their paws and overall well-being from a break away."

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