Brazen couple have sex in ‘UK cinema’ – not realising CCTV is filming it all

A shocking video has shown a couple having sex in the front row of a cinema, oblivious to the fact they are being recorded.

The outrageous scenes begin with a woman straddling her man who is sitting in an empty row of seats.

Gripping the back of the seat for support, the woman then jigs up and down on top of her partner.

It appears the woman is naked throughout the romp, with the shameless couple seeming unbothered that they might be caught.

A woman watching the CCTV laughs in shock and exclaims: "They are f***ing in the cinema."

The video has gone viral on social media, with more than 3 million views on Twitter, after it was apparently circulated by a cinema employee.

It is not clear exactly where the incident took place, but the woman behind the camera had a British accent indicating it took place in the UK.

Writing on Snapchat with the laughing and vomiting emojis, they wrote: "Who does this and you people don't think you'll get caught.

"We check the cameras darlin!!!"

The footage got mixed reactions on social media, with some people finding it funny and others calling for the couple to be punished.

One person fumed: "People are laughing, but it's actually illegal and disgusting as f***.

"I’m kinky but respecting public places is a must. They are absolutely ridiculous."

Another joked: "Cineworld in Cheshire Oaks 2018 must have had some proper footage of me and the ex."

"I like how everyone acting like they’ve never smashed in a movie theatre," quipped a third.

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