Brave man has leg torn into by shark but still manages to swim to shore for help

Great white shark attack victim swims ashore in Perth

An Australian man fought off a shark before swimming 600m to shore after the animal tore into his leg in a grim attack.

The man, who has not been identified, swam through the waves to Gnarabup Beach in Western Australia after the horrific attack.

The man had reportedly been surfing in the Margarent River when the terrifying ordeal happened.

The attack was captured on film by a Swellnet camera filming the surfing spot.

Footage shows the moment the great white shark pounces on the victim as the wave breaks.

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As the incident unfolds, the surfboard can be seen flying before the sea calms and the shark leaps at the man.

After the shark bit the man’s left leg, he was in a fight for his life as he fought to save his life hundreds of metres from the shore.

Despite the odds, the man fought off the great white shark and swam to shore as he quickly lost blood.

Once on the beach, an off-duty nurse reportedly administered first aid while they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Once in the care of the paramedics, the man was taken to Margaret River Hospital where his injuries were described as non-life-threatening.

The man was later taken to another hospital where his condition stabilised after “saving his own life”.

Following the incident, Western Australia is now on high alert, this is the seventh shark attack since the year began.

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In response, local officials have closed all beaches from Gas Bay to Margaret River Mouth.

In a statement, officials said the action had been taken to “ensure the safety of our community, please do not enter the water during this time”.

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