Boy, 13, who vomits every five minutes pleads for answers from his mum

A mother has spoken out about the anguish of her son who vomits every five minutes.

Josh Wright, 13, is diagnosed with severe Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) and his mum Julie from Edinburgh, has told how her heart breaks when he asks “why me?”

The youngster is hospitalised roughly every six weeks for fluids and medication during a flare up and often throws up blood and is unable to talk due to a build-up of saliva, the Daily Record reports.

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The cause of the syndrome is unknown to doctors, but Julie admits she worries about her son’s future and prays that he will one day grow out of the incurable condition.

She said: “It's such a rare condition, so it was very difficult to get a diagnosis. When we finally did, but were told there is no cure, it was devastating.

“He has tried so many different medicines to try and help, but nothing works. It feels never ending. He often asks, 'Why me? Why do I have this and other kids don’t?' I can see it in his eyes and it just breaks my heart.

“During his episodes, he has excess saliva and often can’t talk for up to two days. It gets to the point where he is vomiting blood. When he was younger and couldn’t talk, we would use notes on his phone to communicate and he would type 'I’m sad'.

“At present, he only attends around 75% of school. We’ve spent years not telling him when he has things coming up like birthday parties, trips to the cinema or holidays because we don’t want him to be even more disappointed.

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“The future is uncertain for Josh. We worry what kind of job he will be able to get. As he has grown up in the hospital, he really wants to be a surgeon but will he be able to achieve his ambition when he only attends school for 75% of the year?

“There is hope that as he gets older, he may grow out of the condition as some children do. For now, we just take every day as it comes and try to really make the most of the times when Josh is feeling well.”

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is rare, with only three in 100,000 children diagnosed each year.


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