Boulder County Sheriff’s Office adds new K-9 to team

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office announced the welcoming of a new member to its team, K-9 Watson, a Bloodhound puppy, via a Facebook post on Friday.

Watson, who was donated by Larry Steingraber, a former sergeant at the Boulder Police Department before he retired, is 9 years old, according to Carrie Haverfield, BCSO’s Public Information Specialist.

According to Haverfield, Watson is learning skills, such as tracking and trailing in addition to detecting human remains. He will be partnered with Deputy Joshua Scrudder.

“His handler will be using incentives like food/treats to start increasing his skills in the aforementioned tasks,” Haverfield said.

Watson is expected to go through training until “he gets to the point where he can be tested and show proficiency in a skill to be certified,” Haverfield said in an email statement. After certification, he will continue to get education and training in order to maintain skills and certification.

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