Boris trolled as ‘vacancy’ sign slapped on door of No 10 at Madame Tussauds

A vacancy sign has hilariously been put up at the 10 Downing Street display at Madame Tussauds London as Boris Johnson resigns.

The museum attraction has slapped the 'VACANCY' sign on the door of its No 10 display, with the waxwork of the outgoing Prime Minister seemingly smiling towards it.

It was done just before Mr Johnson's surrender today after a flurry and domino effect of resignations from cabinet and backbenchers made his position completely untenable.

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With a new leadership race set to begin at some point, Madame Tussauds London confirmed Boris Johnson's figure would be removed from the Baker Street attraction as soon as he is completely out of the job.

Chief business correspondent at The Sunday Times Sabah Meddings Tweeted: "Well played: Madame Tussauds updates its 10 Downing Street sign with 'vacancy'."

Another Twitter user added the move by Madame Tussauds London was brutal: "Not messing around. Absolutely brutal. Also, this is the worst Johnson likeness I have ever seen."

News broke of his decision to cave in and quit soon after 9am this morning (Thursday, July 7) – just short of two years since he proudly entered 10 Downing Street in July 2019.

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Pippa Crerar of the Mirror and Chris Mason of the BBC have reported that Mr Johnson had agreed to stand down but will stay on as caretaker leader until new Tory leader elected this autumn.

Taking to Twitter, the Daily Mirror's political editor Crerar added: "Hearing that staff in No 10 have been told that Boris Johnson IS resigning and his letter has been prepared."

Mr Johnson's two years and 348 days as PM falls short of his predecessor Theresa May's stint of three years and falls into the unfavourable ranking of the seventh shortest spell in the history of the British premiership.


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