Boris Johnson is officially a lying wazzock – and he’s still throwing tantrums

Bozo Boris Johnson was branded a “pound shop Donald Trump” for having a huge tantrum after being condemned for lying to parliament.

A bombshell report found he committed “repeated contempts” of parliament by deliberately misleading MPs with his denials over partygate.

The Privileges Committee concluded he was “complicit” in the “campaign of abuse and intimidation” of its members as they investigated rule breaking at the heart of Westminster during the height of the pandemic.

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Branding him the first former prime minister to have ever lied to the Commons, the committee said he “deliberately misled” MPs by insisting all rules had been followed in Downing Street despite lockdown-breaching parties.

Before he quit his seat last week, it had planned to recommend suspending him from the Commons for 90 days which could have triggered a by-election.

The Tory-majority committee is now calling for him not to be given the parliamentary pass normally given to ex-MPs.

The Lib Dems say he should also be stripped of the £115,000 annual allowance available to former prime ministers to run their office.

Bozo furiously branded the findings “rubbish”.

He claimed the committee was doing it to “bring about what is intended to be the final knife-thrust in a protracted political assassination”, which he called “beneath contempt”.

The disgraced former PM raged: “It is a lie.

“In order to reach this deranged conclusion, the committee is obliged to say a series of things that are patently absurd, or contradicted by the facts.”

Labour’s Deputy Leader Angela Rayner called him a “pound shop Trump” for the way he “tries to discredit anybody who criticises his actions”.

The Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK group accused him of showing “no remorse”.

Spokesman David Garfinkel said: “Instead he lied to our faces when he told us that he’d done ‘all he could’ to protect our loved ones, he lied again when he said the rules hadn’t been broken in No10, and he’s lied ever since when he’s denied it again and again.

“It’s an utter tragedy that Johnson was in charge when the pandemic struck and he should never be allowed to stand for any form of public office again.

“His fall from grace must serve as a lesson to other politicians to act with honesty and to serve the public as a whole, that is the only positive that can come from this.”

One official told the committee No10 was an “oasis of normality” during the pandemic despite severe restrictions for everyone else in the country.

The worker added “Wine Time Fridays” and birthday parties continued, while staff were told to be “mindful of cameras” outside.

“No10 was like an island oasis of normality. It was all pantomime,” the official said.

The committee concluded Bozo had deliberately misled MPs and the committee.

It also found he breached confidence and undermined the democratic process of the Commons.

MPs will debate the report’s findings on Monday, the same day as Bozo’s birthday.

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