‘Blood everywhere’ ISIS boss killed in US strike as six children left dead

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The US President said that a mission in nortthwestern Syria to take Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi ” off the battlefield” last night was successful. Local sources told Reuters that a total of 13 people – including six children died in the raid.

These claims have yet to be addressed by America.

Mr Biden added: “All Americans have returned safely from the operation. I will deliver remarks to the American people later this morning. May God protect our troops.”

In an earlier statement, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said: “US Special Operations forces under the control of US Central Command conducted a counter-terrorism mission this evening in northwest Syria.

“The mission was successful. There were no US casualties. More information will be provided as it becomes available.”

The part of Syria – which has been engulfed in a bitter civil war since the Arab Spring in 2011 – is a known hotbed for al-Qaeda and Isis-linked terrorists.

It is also one of the last major bastions of rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad in the decade-long Syrian war.

Residents said helicopters landed and heavy gunfire and explosions were heard during the raid that began around midnight.

News agency Reuters saw a video that appeared to show the bodies of two apparently lifeless children and a man in the rubble of a building at the location.

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Other footage showed rescue workers loading what appeared to be a small body wrapped in a white plastic sheet into an ambulance.

More body bags were in the back of the vehicle.

Using head torches in the dark, the workers looked for remains through chunks of concrete, children’s soft toys and women’s clothing in a bombed-out building.

A kitchen was blackened and burnt, windows hung from their frames and plastic utensils were half-melted.

The footage could not be independently verified.

A Syrian man who claimed to have witnessed the raid said he went out of his house after midnight and saw aircraft in the sky.

He said: “Ten minutes later we heard screams. ‘Surrender, the house is surrounded’.

“We heard fire. There was shelling from aeroplanes and machine guns.”

Another witness said: “There was blood everywhere.”

He added that one US helicopter appeared to suffer a mechanical failure and was blown up by the US forces.

A rebel official, who declined to be named, said the apparent target was with his family at the time.

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