Bloke’s body is impaled twice after landing on steel rods in horror fall

A building site worker was impaled on a giant steel rod that pierced his entire body when he fell from a height while working but "miraculously" survived.

The 21-year-old fell from a high building and landed sideways on to two exposed steel reinforcement rods which went right through his body on August 19

The 16mm rods were still in place when he finally reached hospital, having peirced through his chest and abdomen, according local reports.

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“The patient’s journey was nothing short of miraculous," surgeon Dr Zoeb Haider said.

Since the accident, the worker has only just been allowed to walk out of hospital a month later, on September 9.

The Times of India reported that it happened near Central Avenue, Azam Shah Chowk, India.

They reported that witnesses saw him fall from a considerable height onto the rods below. These are used to reinforce poured concrete in buildings.

One rod pierced his chest, narrowly missing vital organs like his heart by mere centimetres.

The other tore through his abdomen. A construction site vehicle rushed him to a nearby hospital.

At SevenStar Hospital’s emergency department, the worst was initially feared.

Dr Prashant Rehate, the director of the hospital, told the Times: “It appeared as an unsurvivable situation.

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“But our doctors did not leave any stone unturned. It was urgent to get the patient into an operating theatre.

“However, the size of the rods posed a unique challenge as we could not use the regular elevator.”

The rods had to be carefully reduced in length so the patient could get through the doors.

Medics told the paper the chest rod was found to have passed through the thorax, piercing the diaphragm and lung but narrowly missing his liver.

The abdominal rod had severely damaged his hip bone.

Both needed the skills of an orthopaedic surgeon to carefully and successfully remove, but it was a painstaking task.

Surgeon Dr Zoeb Haider told the paper: “The patient’s journey was nothing short of miraculous.

“After spending two days on a ventilator in the ICU, he steadily improved under the attentive care of the ICU team.

“There were no post-operative complications and all surgical wounds healed remarkably well.”

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