Bloke who paid £250k for Titanic trip claims submarine had ‘bits falling off’

A German bloke who forked out £250k to go on the now-missing OceanGate submarine to see the Titanic wreckage has spoken out about the shocking state of the vessel.

Arthur Loibl, 60, went on the trip in 2021, and he has called it a “suicide mission”.

The trip, he recalled, started badly and ended even worse.

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“It was a suicide mission back then," he told German news outlet BILD.

"The first submarine didn't work, then a dive at 1,600 metres had to be abandoned.

“My mission was the fifth, but we also went into the water five hours late due to electrical problems.”

Once in the water, the vessel fared even worse, as a tube used to provide balance to it actually fell off . . . but it was reattached with zip ties.

He was actually on the submarine with Frenchman and machine pilot Paul-Henry Nargeolet and OceanGate CEO Stockton Russ.

The pair are part of the five-man crew that went missing on Sunday.

Mr Liobl continued: “You need strong nerves, you mustn't be claustrophobic and you have to be able to sit cross-legged for ten hours.

  • Titanic tourists 'likely died horror death from CO2 poisoning hours after disappearing'

“It must be hell down there – there's only 2.5 metres of space, it's four degrees, there's no chair, no toilet.

“I have a sinking feeling in my stomach.

“I was incredibly lucky back then.”

At this moment, the vessel carrying the five-person crew has yet to be found and the US Coast Guard-led search-and-rescue operation continues.

A Canadian aircraft with underwater search capabilities “heard banging sounds in the area every 30 minutes". These noises could also be heard four hours later when "additional sonar was deployed" – although it was later confirmed that they “didn't know” what the noises were.

Authorities reported the vessel missing about 435 miles (700 kilometers) south of St. John's, Newfoundland off the coast of Canada.

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