Bloke says airline lost his £22,000 prosthetic leg and won’t compensate him

American Airlines lost a man’s $26,650 (around £22,000) artificial leg and only offered minimal compensation, it has been claimed.

Michael Williams says that he took a flight from Indianapolis to Charlotte with the airline in 2020.

One of his checked bags contained a prosthetic leg worth, but when he arrived at his destination the bag was nowhere to be seen.

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Michael says that he complained the airline, and asked for compensation for the value of his his lost belongings, which included the custom-made leg.

But, he told Fox2Now, American Airlines gave him just $600 (around £470) to cover the clothes that had been in the case.

"You can't do this to someone that's disabled and just say, hey, we lost something of yours, but we're not going to pay for it,” he said.

He says that he followed up the claim with American Airlines, but a representative of the company told him: "We don't have enough proof or evidence to pay for the leg, so we're not going to pay for the leg”.

The airline’s police states that passengers need to supply a reference number, a copy of their ticket receipt and baggage claim checks, as well as their original, dated, and fully itemised receipts in order to receive compensation for lost luggage.

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Michael lost his right leg below the knee in an accident in 2019.

“I had to learn how to walk all over again with my new prosthetic leg,” he says, “and if I am honest I hated myself for a long while because I felt as if I wasn't complete.

“I felt I like I was a freak. Everywhere I would go I had people staring at me.

“I even had people come up to me while I was in a grocery store and if I had a soda in my hand they would tell me ‘you probably don't need that since you already lost one I am sure you don't want to lose the other one" all because I'm a big guy so it means I lost my leg because of diabetes but not knowing I didn't lose mine because of that”.

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