Bloke saves squirrel trapped down loo in heroic rescue mission caught on camera

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A bloke to tried to shoo a squirrel out of his house accidentally ended up with the invading rodent stuck down his loo.

Glasgow man Mark Thorburn managed to save the forest creature, and in a real-life Disney situation he seems to have made a friend for life.

Mark had returned home on September 12 to hear what he thought was an intruder in his bedroom.

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But instead of discovering a hardened criminal going through his belongings, Mark opened the door to find a bushy-tailed squirrel.

Mark tried to chase the little animal out of his house, but it took a wrong turn and ended up in the bathroom.

The marketing coordinator, who shared the unusual rescue mission on TikTok, told the Daily Record: "I had been out of the house for a few hours and when I came back I could hear rustling in my bedroom.

"I knew nobody else was home, so I thought someone must have broken in. I psyched myself up for a fight and when I went in, I saw the squirrel. It was definitely not who or what I was expecting to find in there."

Mark said he was trying to get the squirrel to go out of his bedroom window when it ran into the bathroom instead.

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He added: "He fell down the toilet and couldn't get out. I was about to lift him and then I panicked that maybe I shouldn't. I Googled and it said you shouldn't because they can spread diseases and bite, so I didn't want to take any chances.

"My flat mate Ewan came home just after that and we decided we should call the SSPCA.

"When I told them what was happening they said they could come to get it out but they would have to kill it because it is too dangerous to put it back into the wildlife.

"I was looking at his wee face and felt so guilty at the thought of it being killed, so me and Ewan decided we'd try to save it ourselves. Operation save the squirrel began!"

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In the video Mark can be heard shouting at the squirrel saying: "Come on pal, let's go. Bath time is over! Why are you in here? Oh no, that's such a shame. We need to get it out."

Mark and Ewan came up with a plan to help usher the rodent out. They put a broom down the toilet and the squirrel quickly climbed up the pole.

After another adventure scurrying around the house, the squirrel finally made it's way outside.

Mark said: "He sat at the front door for a good 10 minutes before he hopped off. He must have been knackered the poor wee thing. Thankfully he's not made his way back in to our house yet, but he has appeared at the window another few times."

If you are every the target for a squirrel invasion, try soaking a few rags in cider vinegar and leave them where the animal is lurking. Squirrels hate the smell of vinegar, so they are likely to leave.


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