Bloke makes spelling howler after renovating pub but locals are keen to keep it

A tradie in Australia who has spent two years rebuilding his local pub after a fire destroyed it has gone viral due to a mixup.

Marty Coomber, a farmer from the outback town of Muckadilla near Queensland is only one of nine people who live there.

His local pub burnt down after serving the small crowd for 25 years. Marty sold some of the land he owns to purchase the pub and has spent two years rebuilding it.

However, as the relaunch reached the end, the unveiling had an unfortunate blunder, reported.

A photo shared on The Mucka Pub's Facebook page showed a spelling mistake in the sign, it read "bup" instead of pub.

The post said: "Marty Coomber … you had one job."

The post then gained traction online, with many saying Marty had "jumped the gun".

It turns out that the mistake was an elaborate prank by builder Rob Pollock, who admitted that he made the joke at Marty's expense.

Marty told Australian TV news site 7 News "it's caused a few laughs", and that it had gained a lot of attention ahead of the August reopening.

The blunder gained so much attention that Marty even debated keeping it

He added: "Could do, at least until the pub opens. We might even much around with it a bit more, we'll see."

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Facebook commenters have asked the farmer to "keep" the name.

“Don’t change the name, I love it. Adds to the character and charm of the place”, one wrote.

“Don’t ever change that sign it’s seriously great”, another agreed.

“Well done will be nice to see the new mucks bup open”, someone else joked.

The pub was built in 1912 and the original bar burnt down in 1960, according to the hotel website.

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