Binman who kung-fu kicked snowman still jobless and says ‘that vid messed me up’

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    A binman who made headlines after he was fired for kung-fu kicking a youngster’s snowman whilst on the job has still not found full-time work nearly two years on from the infamous incident.

    Thousands of people signed a petition demanding Callum Woodhouse, aged 19 at the time, be sacked for striking the head off a three-year-old’s creation.

    He was fired in January 2021 after CCTV footage showed him roundhouse kicking the unsuspecting snowman in the village of Tupsley in Herefordshire.

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    Callum, who has become a dad since the controversial saga, is still reeling from being left unemployed and has struggled to find any other full-time work since.

    He told the Daily Star: “Losing that job did mess me over big time. I haven’t had a full-time job since.

    “The worst part is I always came into work to cover someone – not once did I let the company down. They should’ve taken that into consideration. I’ll say it again, the snowman would’ve melted anyway.

    “I put more than I should’ve done into that job, the way I got done over like that.”

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    Callum, who says he “risked his life” making the 14-mile trek to work and back on his bike every day after waking up at 3:30am, still reckons seniors at his workplace did not handle the situation well.

    He is now working cash in hand jobs to make ends meet and explained: “Whatever job comes I’ll take, from removing stuff to cutting grass.

    “But right now I’m happy doing my own work. (I’m) my own boss so I won’t be done over like that again.”

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    At the time, he even offered to build the kid a new snowman in a bid to make up for destroying the last one.

    But the angry family emailed his company to report the behaviour, with the youngster’s dad saying: “When I watched this bully use it as some kind of kick bag I was horrified.

    "I just hope he thinks harder about his actions.”

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