Biden skewered for making US ‘weaker’ and world ‘more dangerous’ with lack of leadership

Biden: ‘Putin is looking at a weak adversary’ says expert

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In a scathing attack on President Joe Biden, South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham slammed the US President for making the country “weaker”. Sen Graham told Fox News how “nobody in the world is afraid of Joe Biden” and claimed Vladimir Putin sees Biden as a “weak adversary.” The Senator went on to say the US is being “pushed around” by China and the world is “more dangerous” as a result of the Biden Administration.

Senator Graham said: “The problem is that Putin is looking at Biden through a bigger lens.”

Graham went on to list a series of US foreign policy issues currently underway which he believed President Biden is failing at, including Afghanistan and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

He noted how the USA is trying to “get back into the Iranian Nuclear Agreement” despite Iranians threatening to enrich uranium further to make nuclear weapons.

He then added: “The Chinese are pushing us around out in Asia, the border is completely out of control. So what Putin’s looking at is in his mind, a weak adversary.”

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The Republican Senator added: “What did Putin say when Biden called him a ‘killer’? ’The next time we talk I want it to be on live TV, meet me there because I don’t think you can stand up to me.’”

Sen Graham went on to say: “This overall weakness is probably going to be a death sentence for this man (Biden).

“Nobody in Russia is afraid of Joe Biden, nobody in the world is afraid of Joe Biden.”

He then issued a stark warning saying how this situation is “dangerous for us here at home.”

Biden: ‘Hopefully US President can see through EU’ says expert

Recent weeks have seen a sharp uptick in Russian and Chinese aggression across the world as the international community condemn military build up’s in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Tory MP and Chairman of Parliament’s Defence Committee Tobias Ellwood warned of the growing threat from Russia and Vladimir Putin as he insisted the current measures against Russia preventing certain diplomats from travelling are not stringent enough. 

He said: “But is Russia really going to change simply because a couple of its citizens, its parts of Government are not allowed to travel internationally? It won’t.

“I share the concern that if we push Vladimir Putin too far, we are actually going to shunt him into the hands of China.”


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On Tuesday, reported that a French Navy submarine had returned safely following a mission to the South China Sea, the show of strength coming amid worsening tensions between China and neighbouring powers in the region over control over a string of strategic islands.

The seven months deployment saw the Rubis-class sub navigate through the hotly contested waters as the Chinese Military look to push their strategic claims over the geopolitical flashpoint.

The successful mission came as tensions between Washington and Beijing escalated dramatically after pictures emerged from officers onboard a US Navy warship “stalking” a Chinese military aircraft carrier in the South China Sea.

But Lu Li-Shih, a former instructor at Taiwan’s Naval Academy, said the photo was “staged” and part of “cognitive warfare to show the US doesn’t regard the PLA as an immediate threat.”

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