Become a Denver Post Teen Columnist by submitting your opinion on the 2020 Election

The Denver Post is looking to publish opinions from young Coloradans who are passionate about issues in their communities. If chosen, the pieces will run both online at and in The Denver Post’s printed opinion section.

In preparation for the upcoming election, we are creating a special section that features young people’s opinions on major issue on the November ballot. If you can’t vote yourself, what do you want voters to think about as they cast their ballots?

We are interested in hearing your opinions on the following topics:

  • Coronavirus procedures in schools
  • Policing in schools
  • Climate change in Colorado
  • Presidential race and how the results will affect you
  • Colorado’s senate race and what’s at stake

Submissions can be made here and should be no longer than 400 words. We will accept submissions through Sept. 11, 2020. Full names are required for publication. Contact information provided below will not be made public or shared with advertisers.

Have questions or want to write about a topic not included above? Reach out to our Opinion Editor Megan Schrader at [email protected].

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