‘Beast from the East back’ as UK braced for weather bomb snow snap this January

Forecasters are predicting snow amid fears of a Beast from the East hitting Britain once again.

As the bomb cyclone that hit America with catastrophically low temperatures heads across the Atlantic, temperatures will drop and snow will fall in parts of the UK.

The Polar vortex wreaked havoc in the USA and Canada over the Christmas period with at least 60 people believed to have died as a result of the adverse conditions that saw temperatures plummet to -45.6°C.

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Now attention turns to Britain, as meteorologists keep a close eye on a pool of cold air spinning around the North Pole, which has the potential to spark a Sudden Stratospheric Warming event.

Such a freak weather incident is what caused the deep Beast from the East freeze back in 2018.

Met Office meteorologist Simon Partridge told Sky News : “What effect (the bomb cyclone) has had is to strengthen the jet stream because the jet stream is basically driven by temperature differences.

“So the starker the difference in temperature between the northern edge of it and southern edge, the stronger the jet stream becomes.”

He added “We’re likely to see some wet and windy weather over the coming days, but there are currently no signs of any exceptionally cold weather heading for the UK,”

The adverse weather conditions are also likely to further increase the difficulties for people across the country in light of the cost of living crisis.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for ice in recent days for the north of England from midnight tonight until 11am on Monday.

They said: "Following recent wet conditions, surfaces are likely to remain wet into Monday morning and, with a cold night, icy stretches will readily form on untreated surfaces.

"A few rain, sleet and snow showers may still affect these areas overnight but ice remains the main hazard."


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