BBC Weather warning: ‘Severe’ thunderstorms threaten Europe as lightning strikes continent

BBC meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker assured viewers that there is some real summertime weather across parts of Europe at the moment. The presenter noted that there is plenty of warmth and humidity as thunderstorms break out across many parts of the continent. The worst of them will be across central or eastern parts of Europe and down into the Balkans in the coming days.

Mr Schafernaker said: “Local weather services have been issuing warnings, such as the severity of some of these storms in the forecast.

“On Thursday, some storms will affect northern parts of Turkey.

“Certainly the Balkans will experience that and there’s a real rash through Romania into Hungary.

“Parts of Poland as well, and into the Alpine region and Germany too.”

He continued: “A huge amount of heat has been stuck across Scandinavia for quite some time.

“Oslo will be at around 30 degrees on Thursday.

“That warmth is continuing to spread across the sub-Arctic region across Scandinavia.

“Again, there are more storms in the forecast on Friday across central and eastern parts of Europe.”

The weather presenter added: “There’ll be some showers with thunder and lightning in the west too.

“Although there won’t be as many in the area.

“Temperatures in the west will be in the low 20s.”

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Mr Schafernaker told viewers: “Summertime weather is expected in London and Paris over the coming days.

“In fact, for Paris, it could be nudging up to 30C sometime next week.

“Madrid will see lots of sunshine around too.

“In contrast, in Moscow there’ll be a few thunderstorms.

“Then it looks like it will cool off towards the weekend.”

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