BBC Weather: UK to be battered by thundery showers and strong winds as weather turns

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts warm sunshine

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The weather across the nation is set to sour as a low-pressure front moving in from the south will overpower the midweek sunshine. As the weekend approaches, the population is warned to anticipate thundery showers and stronger winds that will persist into the week ahead. The BBC’s Carol Kirkwood said the weather forecast was “cooler, windier, wetter and more unsettled,” than the bright and sunny conditions of the last few days. The meteorologist predicted the weather will first bring more clouds and some scattered overnight showers, before rapidly declining towards consistent downpours and lower temperatures.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood said: “Into tomorrow, still a lot of dry weather around, still a lot of sunshine.

“Still a bit more cloud affecting parts of northern and western Scotland and also Northern Ireland, but there will be some brighter breaks.

“You can see the showers, which come overnight, were in parts of the English Channel, moving steadily northwards and some of those could be heavy and thundery.”

She suggests the first thundery showers will hit the UK overnight into Thursday, although the day will likely remain somewhat bright and warm.

Ms Kirkwood continued: “Tomorrow’s top temperatures are likely to be across the north Midlands and also northern England, 28 or 29 degrees. 

“For many, it still is going to be a warm day.

“As we head on through the evening and overnight, those showers push northwards.

“The heaviest across parts of northern England and Scotland, where they could also be quite thundery and that will continue during the course of Friday.”

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As the southern weather front moves in, the sunshine will rapidly fade in favour of powerful thundery rainfall.

The downpours introduced overnight will strengthen throughout the day as an additional area of low pressure moves in across the southwest of the UK.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Later on Friday, we’ve got a weather front coming in across Northern Ireland and southern England.

“That will bring in some more persistent rain and a stronger wind.”

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Ms Kirkwood suggested that, prior to the arrival of the weather front, the UK will enjoy warm temperatures and clear skies, although these conditions are set to be overpowered by the weekend.

She continued: “Away from all of that, there will still be some sunshine and temperatures still into the mid-twenties. 

“After that, low pressure takes charge of our weather and it turns cooler, windier, wetter, and more unsettled generally.”

Moving into next week, the UK will remain drizzly, with rainy conditions worsened by strong winds moving across the nation.

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