BBC Weather: Europe temperatures to skyrocket to 30C as Spanish ‘plume of heat’ strikes

BBC Weather forecaster Phil Avery explained that current weather fronts will bring heavy rain to large parts of Europe. He added, towards the end of the week once the rain had passed temperatures would begin to rise. He said in some areas across Europe temperatures could reach highs of 30C.

He explained this was due to warm air moving up from Spain and spreading through the continent. 

Mr Avery said: “There is a real mish-mash at the moment in Europe.

“You get that sense from the satellite imagery.

“There will be weather fronts from the Atlantic pushing into the British Isles.

“These fronts make pretty good progress down to the Alpine regions as well.”

The weather forecaster explained the dry days in the eastern parts of Europe would come to an end by the end of Thursday.

He explained the rains from western Russia would move into the east of Europe and settle in Turkey.

He added the temperatures will comfortably be above 20C in eastern Europe.

Mr Avery continued: “It will be a bit cooler in Helsinki as temperatures are still struggling here, quite widely in Scandinavia.

“There will be snowfall in fact as quite significant rain moves into southern parts of France into the western Alps.

“Could see of 30 to 50cm of snow but it is much drier down towards the southern parts of the Iberian Peninsula.”

The BBC Weather forecaster closed by explaining that temperatures across Europe are expected to improve significantly.


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He said: “Here is the thing, over the weekend into the start of next week I think we will see a plume of heat.

“It will be gradually working its way up through Iberia and temperatures may even touch 30C in one or two locations.

“It even begins to warm up in Moscow, eventually.”

In the new week, Madrid is already forecasted to see 30C heat on Monday and 29C with sunshine on Tuesday.

Rome’s temperatures will also improve and remain in the low 20s.

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