BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warning over ‘heavy thundery showers’ amid patchy Summer sun

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood says UK is set for heavy showers

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BBC presenter Carol Kirkwood has warned Britons that a low-pressure front is anchored off the coast of Scotland bringing heavy rains and unsettled weather. Temperatures in the UK have in August have failed to rise to the heights of the heatwave earlier this year. On Friday, Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast that “low pressure once again is actually dominating our weather.”

Ms Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast: “The forecast today is one of heavy showers, some of which will be thundery.

“And wherever you are it is going to be breezy or indeed it is going to be windy.

“Low pressure once again is actually dominating our weather.

“It is anchored to the northwest, it has got fronts around it and there is front sinking south which is creating a bit more cloud and some drizzle at the moment.

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“So today once again you can expect some heavy thundery showers, especially across western Scotland.

“But some of those will be getting in across Northern Ireland and parts of Wales, and into Northern England as well.

“South of that, some sunshine but still a fair bit of cloud around at times.

“But when the cloud thins and breaks and the sun comes out, well the temperatures will get up to about 23 degrees.”

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“But as we push further north, especially if you are in the showers, temperatures will be that much lower.

“In fact in the far north of Scotland, you are looking at temperatures of only 12 degrees today.

“So that is way below average and it will feel quite cool.

“Now heading on into the evening and overnight,” continued the meteorologist.

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“We will hold onto a lot of those showers across the north of the country.

“There will be some clear skies and dry weather.

“But by the end of the night, another weather front coming in from the south-west will introduce thicker cloud across south-west England, in to parts of south-west Wales and into the Midlands.”

Ms Kirkwood added that coastal and hilly areas could also see some drizzle.

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