Baby boy, 17 months, found with head injuries dies ‘under care of babysitters’

A 17-month-old baby has died after being found with head injuries while allegedly under the care of babysitters. Police have launched a major crime investigation is underway in Ottoway, South Australia, after the death of Ronan Davies.

Ronan was found unconscious and in a critical condition before being rushed to a hospital in North Adelaide on June 7. His injuries were described as “not survivable” and the baby tragically died two days later after allegedly being returned from a family friend’s care. 

Detective Inspector, Mark McEachern said the baby suffered from head injuries and internal wounds during what authorities believe to be a fatal assault.

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Australian news outlet, 7News, reports that the baby had been looked after by family friends in the two days before he was taken to hospital.

Detective McEachern said: “We have been provided with an explanation of how Ronan’s injuries were caused. We’re not satisfied as to the truthfulness of that information and that is certainly subject to our murder investigation.”

Neighbours had said they had seen Ronan and heard crying noises from a unit complex on the street.

When the baby was reunited with his father, he was unable to be woken up and an ambulance was called.

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Police have appealed for information, and authorities asking for anyone near Ferguson St in Glenelg North who may have heard or witnessed something to step forward.

The detective added: “We can’t eliminate anyone at this stage. Anyone that’s had contact or cared for Ronan is being spoken to.”

Currently, no arrests or charges have been made.

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