At least 119 UFOs crashed on Earth and governments retrieved debris, expert says

At least 119 UFOs have crashed on Earth, a top boffin has claimed.

Dr Steven Greer said governments retrieved debris from the sites which has been used to create advanced energy and propulsion systems that have not been revealed to the public.

Over the past 30 years he claims to have obtained five terabytes of US Government documents about UFOs and testimonies from 700 military, intelligence and corporate whistleblowers.

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Dr Greer, 67, plans to go public with files held by his open-government body – called the Disclosure Project – at a press conference in Washington DC on June 12.

He said he will present definitive evidence of secret black budget projects relating to unidentified aerial phenomena – the new official term for UFOs.

The boffin said he will be joined by several secret government whistleblowers and reveal locations of illegally-operated UFO projects and corporations.

He said his files include intelligence on 119 'crash/retrieval events of extraterrestrial vehicles'.

"It's really about the renewal of democracy because everyone says, 'we're in a free country in a democracy','' he said.

"But how free and how democratic can it be if the most important technologies and the most important discoveries are kept from the media and the public and our policy makers.''

The former emergency room doctor has told previously how he founded the Disclosure Project in 1993 to expose the US Government's withholding of UFO information from the public.

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Over several decades he said untold numbers of alien craft had been observed in Earth's airspace able to reach extreme speeds with no visible means of lift or propulsion and perform stunning manoeuvres at g-forces beyond any human-made craft.

Dr Greer said some of these extraterrestrial spaceships had been 'downed, retrieved and studied since at least the 1940s and possibly as early as the 1930s'.

Efforts to reverse-engineer such machines – which means reconstruct from crash debris – had led to 'significant technological breakthroughs in energy generation', he has claimed.

Such operations had been classified as 'cosmic top secret'.

Dr Greer said the reason the work had been hushed up was because the 'social, economic and geopolitical order of the world' was at stake.

He plans to reveal details of hidden new technology gleaned from UFO crash investigations which he believes could replace all fossil fuels, nuclear power and electric transmission systems and create a new economy free of poverty and pollution within a generation.

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"The subject is laughed at because it is so serious,'' he has said.

"I have had grown men weep, who are in the Pentagon, who are members of Congress, and who have said to me, 'What are we going to do?'

"Here is what we will do. We will see that this matter is properly disclosed.''

Last week Dr Garry Nolan, who has researched UFOs for the US Government, stunned an international conference when he announced he was '100%' sure not only that ET has visited Earth but `it’s been here a long time…and it’s still here'.

The 62-year-old professor of pathology at Stanford University School of Medicine, who has published more than 300 research articles and holds 40 US patents, said whistleblowers who have worked on 'reverse-engineering downed craft' had recently given classified testimony to US Congress stirring up a 'hornet’s nest' at the heart of government.

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