Americans far more confident than Brits they could beat any animal in a fight

Americans are more confident than Brits that they could win a fight against virtually any animal.

The baffling poll asked around 2,000 Brits and Americans in April and May this year how they fancied their chances against a selection of all creatures great and small.

The thousands of survey respondents were asked a simple question: "Which of the following animals, if any, do you think you could beat in a fight if you were unarmed?"

Big majorities of Americans and Brits largely agreed they could beat rats and house cats in a fight, with "Yes" % scores in the high-60s and low-70s in all cases.

We are also almost as terrified of grizzly bears as our cousins across the pond, with just one in 50 Brits confident they could take on the huge beasts and come out unharmed.

Yet Americans are still three times as confident, with 6% saying they could beat up a bear.

Most embarrassingly, just 18% of Brits think they can fight an eagle without getting clawed – compared to 30% of Americans.

And when it comes to a goose, the gap is also huge.

Brits are far more pessimistic about their chances, with just 45% saying they can take on their feathered frenemies and win.

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But almost two-thirds of Americans – 61% – say they could ease a battle against the birds.

The poll didn't elaborate on where these differences might come from, nor did it break down survey answers by age of gender.

So confused readers have been left to speculate as to why 23% of Americans think they can beat up a "large dog", compared to 13% of us Brits.

Or why a shameful 10% of small islanders think they can emerge victorious from a bout with a chimp.

That's just over half the confident American figure of 17%.

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Baffled Redditors commented on the viral poll, which also found its way onto Twitter.

User RandomNumber99 said: "People seem too confident vs a gorilla. I dread to think what an adult gorilla could bench press…"

Meanwhile ragnarspoonbrok wrote: "Who the f*** is the person that thinks they can beat a chimp but not a wolf ?

"I'd fight a wolf before a chimp any day of the week and twice on a Sunday."

And Flibbertygibbety22 used their film knowledge to reveal how an elephant can be taken out.

They wrote: "I’ve watched Lord of the Rings so I do know how to defeat an elephant in unarmed combat.

"Shimmy up the leg, jump on top, poke it in the eye. Easy.

"How are you going to poke a wolf in the eye, hmmmm?"

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