All flights in and out of Denver Airport grounded Monday morning following storm

All flights at Denver International Airport were canceled on Monday morning due to the 27.1 inches of snow. The airport expects the runways will be closed until at least 10 a.m.

As of 6:30 a.m., there were 871 flight cancellations for Monday, and DIA spokesperson Emily Williams said “that number could increase throughout the day.”

That’s on top of about 1,800 canceled between Saturday and Sunday for a total of about 2,600.

More than 500 people spent Sunday night at the airport, which distributed blankets and water to the passengers. Williams also said one of the airport’s McDonald’s provided complimentary meals, which “shows everyone’s commitment to getting through this together.”

DIA has more than 500 people who are clearing its runways and 200 pieces of snow-removal equipment. But once the snow is gone, then it’s up to the airlines themselves to get things back up and running.

Williams said that if you have a flight that’s currently scheduled, you should confirm that flight status before you come to the airport. She also noted that RTD’s A-Line to DIA is running, but that roads leading to the airport are still snow-packed and icy.

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