After the Pandemic: Bring back the ‘old normal’ says author Lionel Shriver

The coronavirus pandemic has killed tens of thousands and forced people across the world to re-evaluate what they think is really important.

Sky News has been canvassing opinion on what will happen in the future.

Here award-winning author Lionel Shriver explains why she thinks the countrywide lockdown should never of happened and the sooner things get back to how they were before, the better.

No expression sends a chill down my spine like “the new normal”.

By inference, we’re going to permit a pandemic with relatively mild lethality, in the context of historical infectious diseases, to utterly transform our daily lives until the end of time-and largely for the worse.

If we end up conducting more jobs efficiently from home, fine. If we become more independent from a constrained China, even better.

Otherwise, I read that we can’t have high-rises anymore (so what are we going to do, blow them up?). We can’t have public transport anymore. We can’t fly anymore. We’re to expect that we will never again be able to dine at eat others’ homes, never again eat out in financially viable restaurants, never again jostle in crowded pubs.

We’re meant to say good-bye to the performing arts altogether, because large groups of people will never again be allowed to gather in one place. So unless West End theatres, jazz clubs like Ronnie Scott’s, and venues like the Albert Hall can improbably remain solvent by spacing the audience two metres apart, wearing masks, and preferably plastic visors, with hand sanitiser in every aisle and perhaps large Perspex screens between seats (gosh, I can’t wait to buy a ticket)-this country’s storied cultural institutions are finished.

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