Adult star tells how ‘thrilling’ public library sex stunt gave her instant fame

Porn star Kendra Sunderland said it was ‘thrilling’ to pleasure herself in a college library – and has lifted the lid on how it led to her instant fame.

Kendra’s porn career has been on the up ever since she carried out the livecam show from her library at the Oregon State University, in the US.

The clip went viral back in 2015 said the 25-year-old, who earned herself the nickname "Library Girl".

“It was pretty thrilling,” she told the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast.

“I went to the top floor because it is the quiet floor and not a lot of people up there, you can’t talk at all so I just found a corner of the library where I could see behind me and I could see around the corner, so I set up there.

“I was just teasing and stuff like that, I wasn’t doing anything crazy. I was being quiet.”

Kendra is now a massive star on social media who has become known for her outrageous stunts and cleverly managing her porn career.

She began by doing private porn webcams before realising that the money was in having public shows.

“I was in my second year at college and I just got tired of being broke so I was like, no place would hire me for a job and someone had told me about webcamming,” she said.

“I thought I could make a good amount of money … so I tried it out and I think that within my first week of webcamming all my viewers were like, you should go somewhere public like Starbucks – you’d probably get a lot more viewers and more money.”

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She went to the library as it was more discreet to do a show.

“Everyone is going to see me pull my t***ies out at Starbucks and I don’t want to be banned from Starbucks so the library was just the closest thing to me and so I just went there and did a webcam show,” she said.

“Then a couple of months later I stopped lying to people about my job, I was telling the truth and I dropped out of school.”

Fame and notoriety came almost immediately after she was identified as having publicly masturbated in the college library.

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Kendra said: “Guys where I used to party found the video under my webcam name and then they posted it on Pornhub with my legal name like ‘Kendra Sunderland masturbates on Oregan State library’.

“Then it just blew up over the weekend, in a college town, everywhere Oregon news and people said I was in newspapers around the world, blew up out of nowhere and that’s how I got into it.”

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Kendra thinks that public masturbation porn is so popular as viewers enjoy the thrill of someone being caught.

“I think it’s the idea of being caught, it’s a lot harder if you don’t know if you are going to get caught, you don’t know if you are going to be seen,” she said.

“On the viewer side I think it’s hot because imagine you are just at the park on a normal day and you see a girl fingering herself and you are like the idea that you could just walk up and see it in public by accident turns people on.”

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