Adult movie star who romped 14,000 women grilled over brutal Wonderland Murders

'The Elvis of porn' found himself at the centre of a brutal massacre of four gang members bludgeoned to death.

On this day 40 years ago on December 9 1981, John Holmes – famed for his large penis – was charged with the horrifying Wonderland murders.

Around five months earlier at 3am on July 1, William Deverell, Ron Launius, Joy Miller and Barbara Richardson were left lifeless inside their ransacked Los Angeles townhouse.

Launius' wife Susan survived despite suffering severe brain damage in the attack. It was her moaning 12 hours later when removal men arrived that led to police being called to the bloodbath.

Police believed the five inside were attacked with a combination of hammers and metal pipes.

It was the gang's violent robbery on a high-flying nightclub owner and pal of Holmes', just two days earlier, that threw the porn star into investigators' line of questioning.

Eddie Nash who died aged aged 85 in 2014, was a convicted money launderer and drug dealer but despite allegations he was never found guilty of masterminding the murders on Wonderland Avenue.

Like Holmes who starred in 2274 hard-core pornographic films, Nash was acquitted of all related charges put to him.

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Over his 20 year career in front of the camera, the well-endowed actor romped around 14,000 women but struggled when drugs left his rumoured 15 inch chopper unable to become erect.

According to Rolling Stone, Holmes started snorting cocaine every 15 minutes and swallowing 40 to 50 Valium a day to cut the edge, which saw him fall into debt with the notoriously barbaric Wonderland Gang.

Desperate to make amends for messing up a delivery, Holmes pitched the idea of raiding Eddie Nash's home for prized goods.

Under the false pretence of buying drugs, the porn star drove to Nash's house where the pair took hits throughout the night before leaving a sliding door ajar on his way out.

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Returning to the Wonderland Avenue with the green light for a burglary, Holmes instead found the gang passed out on drugs so the invasion was on hold.

Later that day Holmes checked the door was still open and on his way back wound down the window to the gang on their way to Nash's, raised his fist saying: “Get ’em, boys!”

Nash's bodyguard, Gregory Dewitt Diles was shot and injured in the raid but he was swiftly tasked with tracking suspect Holmes down for answers.

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The massacre followed two days later.

Police questioned Holmes at the time but released him due to lack of evidence, after which the 'Elvis of porn' went on the run until his arrest on December 4 1981.

Less than a week later he was charged with the murders only to be acquitted of all charges other than contempt of court on June 26 1982.

Holmes died of AIDs related complications in 1988 and the deaths of Deverell, Launius, Miller and Richardson remain unsolved.

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