Adorable dog expelled from sanctuary after playing up for food

Meet the rescue dog 'expelled' from sanctuary

Her funny story was chronicled by loving owner Niall Harbison on Twitter. Mr Harbison is on a mission to save 10,000 dogs a month.

He tweeted: “A hilarious short story about McMuffin the rescue Beagle. Today she became the first dog to ever get kicked out of a dog sanctuary. She has been expelled for two weeks.”

Mr Harbison told the story of McMuffin’s remarkable recovery from over 30 cancerous tumours.

He said: “McMuffin is a cancer survivor. She had 30 cancerous tumours all over her body but with 11 chemo sessions she beat it. She’s been living with me on the land ever since and is very happy. Everybody loves her.”

Mr Harbison said the problems began with the beloved hound recovered and realised she could get extra treats. He wrote: “The problems started recently when McMuffin had to get an eye removed because of glaucoma.

“Scary but not a huge deal. She’s fully healed. Because of her past everybody felt sorry for her. McMuffin is very smart and played up to this….

“Like all Beagles McMuffin lives for food. She has gone from 10.5kg to 15kg when we checked her. It turns out everybody has been giving her treats.”

Despite a ban on giving McMuffin treats, Mr Harbison said he “caught the gardener giving her half a roast chicken”. He added: “Everybody had little secret deliveries for her as they all felt so sorry for her. I must admit even I was topping up her portions and giving her the “nice” food.”

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Soon, the situation reached a critical point. Mr Harbison said McMuffin’s other health problems began to become a greater factor.

He wrote: “Her allergies are bad and she’s gotten really unhealthy so urgent action was needed.

“Unable to control her at the land I’ve had to send her on a fitness retreat. A volunteer has taken her in for 2 weeks.”

The fitness retreat reportedly involves healthy small portions, three two-kilometre walks a day, spa treatments for McMuffin’s skin, and “time to think about her actions”.

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Mr Harbison said while McMuffin went to the fitness retreat, that it’s not all be plain sailing as the hound rebels against the health regime. He said: “I would love to say it’s all been embraced by McMuffin but it’s been a turbulent first 24 hours.

“She’s tried to break a door down to the kitchen, raided the bins and been on a general protest. Shell be back at the land looking great soon.”

Mr Harbison currently looks after around 80 street dogs and gives them food, medicine, vet care, and “sterilises the dogs to help stop the flow of puppies”.

He added: “Every penny donated goes directly towards helping the dogs. I donate all my time for free and I also cover any banking or platform fees to ensure it helps the dogs directly. I am working towards having a facility and more people in an organisation to really help more dogs at scale so every penny helps. ”

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