31 rotting corpses found inside ‘sketchy’ and smelly funeral home raided by cops

Police officers got more than they bargained for when they raided a still-working funeral home.

For when police in Jeffersonville, Indiana searched the Lankford Funeral Home and Family Centre, they were shocked to discover 31 people – and they were not alive.

The bodies were in various stages of composition, and were also found with 16 lots of cremated remains, too.

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It is not yet clear why the police raided the premises, and no arrests have been made, although they did say that it was “part of an ongoing investigation”.

According to local reports, neighbours called the police when an air-conditioning unit at the site had stopped working, which covered the area in a foul smell of dead bodies.

This also increased the rate at which the bodies had been decaying.

Funeral home owner Randy R. Lankford has so far not commented on the situation, and the facility has now been secured by police.

Police Major Isaac Parker said that the bodies were in “different parts of the building”.

He added: “It was a very unpleasant scene – the conditions were not good.”

And a local resident, who has first-hand knowledge of the company said that she knew “something wasn't right” when she first visited.

She told ABC 7 News: “I was shocked at first, but then I remember when I first walked in and it seemed a little sketchy. It didn't seem like a professional funeral home.”

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And local man Kenny Kersey saw the bodies for himself.

He told WAVE news: “(The owner) took us into one side room that had about five bodies on stretchers and I thought was kind of odd at the time.

“Usually they're supposed to go to refrigeration or right to embalming.”

The bodies found on site have been taken to the Clark County Coroner's Office to be identified, but police are asking anyone who has any information about the bodies – or has ever contacted the company – to get in touch with them.

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