‘You’re obsessed!’ Lammy slammed for bringing up Brexit during furious Afghanistan row

Afghanistan: David Lammy quizzes LBC caller on Brexit stance

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Labour MP and LBC host David Lammy was rebuked for quizzing a caller about his stance on Brexit during a discussion on Afghanistan. Mr Lammy turned a row about Afghanistan into one about Brexit as he repeatedly asked a caller, named Vincent, what he voted for in the 2016 referendum. Vincent had called into the LBC show to complain that Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson were being disproportionately blamed for the chaos in Afghanistan.

He suggested that the majority of the blame lay with US President Joe Biden because he initiated the military withdrawal process.

Vincent said: “I don’t think your attention should be on Boris Johnson or Dominic Raab but instead Joe Biden because he is the one who called the decision.”

The Labour MP responded: “I just want to check this, what was your position on Brexit and leaving the European Union?”

The caller rebuked this: “We are not talking about Brexit.”

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Mr Lammy followed up: “This is my show and I want to ask you some questions.”

Vincent fired back: “Yes, but what is your show about? Afghanistan?”

The MP said: “Vincent, I just want to know, something you said has provoked me.”

Vincent eventually explained: “My position on Brexit – not that it has anything to do with Afghanistan – was to leave.”

President Biden grilled on USA's withdrawal from Afghanistan

Mr Lammy responded: “So, Vincent, you are clear that we are an independent nation.

“You said I should be talking about Joe Biden, I was also disappointed by Joe Biden and his speech.

“But who is our foreign secretary? You voted for us to leave, we are an independent country, our foreign secretary is on a beach, and you are saying it’s fine.”


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Mr Lammy, who was an ardent Remainer, was called out on social media for being “obsessed” with Brexit.

This comes amid criticism of Mr Raab’s decision not to call Afghan ministers over evacuating translators.

Boris Johnson has doubled down and insisted he has “absolutely” has full confidence in his Foreign Secretary.

Mr Raab, who has faced calls to resign, said he instead prioritised “security” at Kabul airport and “delegated” the call to a junior minister.

But that call did not happen due to the “deteriorating situation”.

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