Whitehall cuts NOW! ‘Staggering’ salaries of civil servants must be slashed, says Leaver

Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak announces 25% corporation tax rise

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In his announcement yesterday, Mr Sunak said the income tax personal allowance – the threshold above which people are required to pay income tax – will be frozen at £12,570 from 2022. The freeze will continue until 2026.

Mr Sunak defended the tax changes, saying they represented “a fair way to help solve the problems that we need to”.

By 2025 one in six people will be higher rate taxpayers following the freeze on thresholds.

The figure compares to one in 15 in 1990.

But now Brexiteer Rupert Lowe has demanded Whitehall make some cuts following a “staggering” report last year which revealed more than 1,500 civil servants are earning £100,000 or more a year.

Mr Lowe tweeted: “Reports last year stated that 1,560 civil servants are earning £100k or more. Staggering.

“Before attacking the private sector even more, why not look closer to home for making savings?

“Very easy for them to be on the big money from our taxes.

“Time for some Whitehall cuts.”

The report last year found the number of Whitehall staff on £100,000 or more had gone up by 15 percent in just 12 months.

Official figures showed a record 1,560 civil servants are paid at least three times the national average salary.

Richard Holden MP, who worked on Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign in 2019, said at the time: “With six-figure salaries shooting up and work from home the norm – it’s clear the civil service are increasingly out of touch with the public and going against the clear instructions of the Government.

“It’s time for the senior leadership of the civil service to shape up or ship out sharpish.”

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Steve Baker, former Brexit minister, also urged the Government to be “realistic” about civil servant’s pay.

He said: “We do need great people in the civil service but we’ve got to be realistic about their pay.

“Most of my constituents would think £50,000 a year is an enormous amount of money, never mind £150,000.

“They would be astonished to learn that their taxes are paying more than 1,500 civil servants that amount.

“The sheer scale of top pay in the civil service demonstrates the importance of decentralising power and privatising functions – we just can’t afford all of this Government.”

Following Mr Sunak’s Budget announcement, Paul Johnson, director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), lashed out at the Chancellor.

Mr Johnson said when the recent cuts to public spending announced last autumn were taken into account, the Chancellor announced fiscal tightening of almost £50billion relative to his pre-pandemic plans of March 2020.

He argued that two big tax increases announced in the budget were “both screeching U-turns on Conservative policy over the last decade”.

And on corporation tax, set to jump from 19 percent to 23 percent in 2023, he said it would be a rise of “historic proportions”.

Mr Johnson said: “Santa Sunak, purveyor of billions today looks more like Scrooge Sunak.”

He added: “How he is actually going to fix the public finances remains to be seen.”

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