‘What about you guys?’ Kay Burley puts SNP skewered over demands for Boris police probe

Pete Wishart grilled by Kay Burley on SNP's actions

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Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have been facing allegations of nominating several party treasurers to the Lords following large donations. The SNP has called on the Met Police to launch an investigation on the claims amid an ongoing row about Tory sleaze. But SNP MP Pete Wishart was confronted about his own party’s conduct as he discussed his party’s demands with Kay Burley.

Ms Burley said: “What about you?

“You’re saying, look at the Tory Party over here, they’re completely guilty of sleaze.

“I’m just putting it to you that you raised nearly £667,000 since 2017 from your members, supporters, for several independence campaigns.

“And only admitted £57,000 being spent specifically on that campaign and, as a result, there’s a police investigation. Is that not true?”

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Mr Wishart said: “I’m quite happy to discuss that with you.

“There has obviously been a complaint about money that was given to the Scottish National Party which is still available for independence campaigns from accounts which have been properly been accounted for and given to the Electoral Commission.

“People who raise complaints, who raise issues to try and include everybody in all of this great pot of whataboutery.

“The real issue and concern here is what the public feel about what they’ve seen is the behavior of the Conservative Government over the course of the past few days.”

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