We’ve got until 2024 for big policy ideas! David Lammy fails to defend Starmer leadership

David Lammy: We’ve got lots of time for big policy ideas

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Andrew Marr and David Lammy clashed over Sir Keir Starmer’s first year in charge of the Labour party amid concern from some Labour MP that voters are becoming increasingly switched off by a lack of vision from the leadership. The Tottenham MP seem to suggest Sir Starmer needed more time and insisted there was a while to go before the next general election, it comes as Corbyn-ally John McDonnell came out with an attention-grabbing policy to cancel debt built up over the pandemic.

Andrew Marr told David Lammy: “The former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has a very ambitious programme that he is talking about this morning

“For a general writing off of all debt, he says this is an absolutely debt-laden debt sodden economy and the government should simply cancel all debt.

“Now that is the kind of very big idea, that seems to be a 1954 scale idea,” pressed the BBC host.

“It is 2021, the election is in 2024 we have got lots of time for big policy ideas,” replied Mr Lammy.

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“We are approaching the budget we will hold this government to account.”

He described Sir Starmer’s recent call for a British recovery bond scheme to finance a post-pandemic economic boom as a “big idea.”

“Because let’s invest in the state, let’s have people’s money work for the country and of course those start-up loans for businesses is a big idea,” he added.

“Businesses need support.”

John McDonnell calls for Starmer ‘to give whip back to Corbyn’

Mr McDonnell has raised the “radicalness” of the post-war Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee as a model for Sir Keir Starmer to follow.

It comes as Sir Keir faces attacks on his leadership style from within his own party with the hard left Labour MPs wanting to see the opposition leader take a tougher line against the Conservatives.

Mr McDonnell told Sophy Ridge on Sky: “Let’s really now hold this government to account, lets really now set out that clear vision.

“Exactly as Keir did during the week.


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“That radicalness of the Atlee government, tackling inequality.

“But let’s start talking about the alternative programme, the detail of those policies.

He added “Keir did a framing speech during the week in which he, for me, basically said we need to be as radical as the Atlee government.

“And the need to tackle inequality as our main central thrust of policy.”

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