‘We’re watching you’ – Grassroot Tories pile pressure on MPs to back Boris

Liz Truss says ‘never ever write Boris off’

Tory MPs are set to be put under huge pressure to vote against the Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson thanks to a weekend grassroots campaign set up by his supporters.

With MPs set to vote on the Privileges Committee report which claims he deliberately misled Parliament on Monday, many Conservative MPs were planning on staying away.

But with supporters agreeing with Mr Johnson’s assessment that the committee was “a kangaroo court”, the Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO), a grassroots organisation set up in the wake of the coups to remove Mr Johnson and Liz Truss as leaders, has handed members the chance to make their feelings known.

The CDO was set up by former MEP David Campbell Bannerman with the support of Lord Cruddas and has been supported and fronted by former Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Through the Conservative Post run by CDO chief executive Claire Bullivant, supporters of Mr Johnson can personalise a prepared email which will be sent directly from the site to their MP.

The campaign is being run under the title “Protect Democracy” and makes it clear to Tory MPs that party members will be watching what they do on Monday and voting against or abstaining will be “unacceptable”.

The preprepared email states: “The Committee chose to ignore the rule of law. It chose to ignore due process. In doing so it became illegitimate.

“The errors of the committee are manifest. Its unfairness wilful. Its conduct beneath contempt.

“Any defender of the rule of law must vote against it – this is not party political.

“I expect you to defend the rule of law and due process.

“MPs will tell the world who and what they are if they endorse or abstain on Monday.

“As a constituent, I want you to know I am watching.”

By clicking here you can sign it.

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Already hundreds of furious party members have been in touch to vent their rage about the committee report which recommended that Mr Johnson should have been suspended for 90 days had he not resigned as an MP.

In what many Tory members see as a “vindictive” move the committee chaired by former Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman calls for Mr Johnson to lose his former MP pass which would allow him access to the parliamentary estate.

Since last week more party members have been in touch with Ms Bullivant saying the tone of responses is “getting increasingly angry”.

One party constituency association chair got in touch with a message which should worry Rishi Sunak who is being blamed for allegedly “colluding” with the committee.

The chair said: “I am profoundly taken aback by the report’s conclusions, which are characterised by vindictiveness, and a highly exaggerated narrative.

“My members are furious, even those that have never supported Boris, they rightfully question the disproportionate powers vested in a covert committee led by the Labour Party, which is jeopardising the very fabric of our democratic system.

“The fundamental principles of the rule of law in our nation hang in the balance. The proposed outcomes put forth in the report lack any semblance of justification, and the recommended penalties are astonishingly disproportionate when compared to any reasonable standard.

“Moreover, this flawed Committee stoops to threats against those who have the courage to expose its inherent deficiencies.

“The voting decisions of our Members of Parliament demand the utmost care and consideration, as they will leave an indelible mark on the pages of history. Members will not forget those that betray our democracy.”

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Meanwhile, Cllr Fraser McFarland, Chairman of Bassetlaw Conservatives, whose MP Brendan Clarke-Smith will oppose the report, said: “As Association chairman of a former red wall constituency won from Labour in 2019, because of Boris Johnson.

“I have over the last few days been contacted by party members and both lifelong and first-time Conservative voters about the outrageous report from the scrutiny committee.

“The callers shared a common frustration that this process was not about a surprise birthday cake in Downing Street, or about whether Boris unintentionally said the wrong thing in Parliament, or even about removing the most electorally successful Prime Minister since the 1980s.

“This has always been about Brexit. Whether that’s the left-wing media, the uncivilised civil service, the former Tory Europhiles, the still committed remainiacs or the Labour MPs who attempted twice to put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street.

“They have wanted revenge on Boris for delivering on the democratic vote of the British people and this committee was the tool used to deliver it.

“In May this year, the Conservatives had a shocking set of local election results, losing seats and control of councils across the country. In Bassetlaw however, we gained seats and increased our vote share from 2019.

“How did we do this? We included Boris on all our literature.

“Boris is still the biggest political asset for our party, with many voters seeing Boris Johnson as a political James Bond. Yes, both have personal flaws, but what they love is their positivity, that never say die attitude and that unashamed enthusiasm and love for our country.

“One of the many Bond songs is ‘nobody does it better’ and when it comes to politics, as Rishi is undoubtedly finding that is true of Boris.

“This is why I will continue to support Boris Johnson and his eventual return to frontline politics.”

Conservative Party member Desmond Cooper was blunt in his assessment which was shared by many more who got in touch claiming that Mr Johnson had been betrayed by “Judases”.

He said: “Watching Boris Johnson’s political life being publicly dismembered by a small group of self-seeking pygmy Judases, known as the Privileges Committee and also sanctimonious opinionated journalists, I am reminded of the Roman gladiatorial amphitheatre crowds baying for ever more blood and brutality when the hapless victim had no right of say or escape but only an expectation of their own destruction, to the ecstatic and merciless roars of the vicious and vindictive onlookers

“Today, we have a similar scenario and the same mentality with Boris being made a victim, by people not dressed in togas but modern day attire.

“Relentless in their horrible pursuit, like a fox hunt in full cry. If this is what British politics have come to, then where does it go from here?”

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