We’re NOT like England! Sturgeon pens desperate love-letter to stay in EU’s good books

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The Scottish First Minister is still banging on the drum for the Brussels bloc despite the UK edging closer to its total exit from the Union – with just days to go before a Brexit deal could be signed and agreed on October 15. Ms Sturgeon said Scotland was being “removed from the EU against our will” as she still refuses to accept the Brexit result, four years after the momentous referendum vote.

Branding Brexit a “crisis”, she said: “In the Brexit referendum of 2016, although the UK as a whole voted to Leave, people in Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

“Despite this we have been removed from the EU against our will and our pleas for the UK to say in the single market have been ignored.

“The founding values of the European Union — respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law — chime with people in Scotland.

“That’s clearly part of the reason why in recent election contests in Scotland support for political parties that wished to remain in the EU has been so strong.”

Ms Sturgeon stepped up her campaign to drag Scotland out of the Union when Britons voted to unshackle from the Brussels bloc in a Brexit referendum in June 2016.

The SNP has insisted Scotland is on course for a second independence referendum when the UK leaves the bloc.

Ms Sturgeon said the move would allow Scotland to leave the UK and rejoin the EU on its own.

The SNP leader said Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s UK Internal Market Bill was “shocking”.

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Writing for Politico.eu, she added: “In our interconnected world today it has never been more important to uphold both our internationalist values and the principles and operation of international law.

“Scotland will always champion those values and those principles.

“The Scottish government, therefore, found it particularly shocking when we discovered that the UK government was planning legislation that would breach international law.”

In its white paper on independence, the SNP government said Scotland would look to gain membership through Article 48 of the treaty of the EU.


If the country left the UK, it would theoretically be free to join the bloc.

Ms Sturgeon added: “As we in Scotland decide on our future, and I hope and expect that this will be a future as an independent nation, we will always be a voice for peace, for European and international solidarity, for co-operation and for the upholding of international law.”

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